Your Elected Reps Want to Hear from You! But What Should You Say?

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With August Recess starting, Congress members are leaving DC and returning home for a month of work. This is the perfect opportunity to meet with them and tell your story about how important medical cannabis is to you. Last week we posted a blog on how to schedule an August recess meeting, so take a look if you missed it.

Talking to a member of Congress or their staff should not be a scary thing – YOU are the expert in this conversation! Sometimes during August recess Congress members will be able to meet with you directly. If you are scheduled to meet with a staffer instead of the member, that is ok and normal! Staffers are the wheels that make Congress turn and they are responsible for educating the member on various issues. Talking to a staffer is just as important as talking to the member so please do not be discouraged if you are not meeting directly with your representative.

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