An Urgent Plea From a Mom and Caregiver

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Posted by on June 16, 2023

I’m writing this in desperation. The organization I care so much about, and volunteer my time for, Americans for Safe Access (ASA), is in desperate need of support! ASA is the only national medical cannabis patient organization that is working towards protecting patients. ASA has and continues to do so much work to bring both access to medical cannabis patients, while also trying to help educate the public. 

Recently, I learned that Americans for Safe Access is now relying mostly on volunteers for its work. With the financial constraints of the cannabis industry and reluctance of private donors to give to a cannabis non-profit, it’s been difficult to collect donations.

This issue is very close to my heart. My son Zach has Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) and cannabis has been the most significant contributor to Zach’s seizure control. It has given him long stretches of seizure freedom and returning much of what he has lost developmentally to seizures. However, timing is critical for him to have access to that understanding before he reaches the age where his brain stops growing. 

We would not have known that cannabis was a treatment option without the work of ASA, and I want to ensure that other families dealing with LGS do not have to worry about legally accessing cannabis on top of all the other stress of this diagnosis in a child. But I know this will not happen without us all supporting this life changing organization. 

Don’t think that you need to donate a lot of money to help Americans for Safe Access. A $50 or even a $10 donation from everyone reading this blog would be more than enough to fund ASA’s 2023 campaigns. Please consider a gift or membership to this organization that is desperately trying to help patients across the country. Americans for Safe Access is grateful for and puts to good use even the smallest donation!

Please consider donating today to help ensure this important organization is around to continue to fight for your freedoms as patients and caregivers. As a reminder of all the amazing things this organization has done and continues to do, please check out their 2022 impact report.

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